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About Us

We are the advocates of good health and beauty using skincare products from botanical sources.

Moor Spa’s comprehensive face, body, spa and wellness line is inspired directly by the healing powers of nature. All of the products contain the exclusive Austrian Moor extract, a nutrient rich organic vegetation complex that is added to our Moor Spa products. This extract is rich in nutrients like fulvic acid, minerals and enzymes that enhance skin health and appearance. The Moor is revered for its potent revitalizing, purifying and soothing properties for decades by medical institutions in Europe. Every Moor Spa product contains the unique Moor essence. By combining the Moor essence with beneficial plant extracts and pure essential oils. Moor Spa delivers safe and effective solutions to meet all of your skin, body and hair care needs. Our products are not 95% or 99% natural, they are 100% from natural source. Moor Spa is one of the safest natural skincare products tabulated by the Environmental Working Group* (EWG) for its dedication to product safety. Unlike many products which claim to be natural, Moor Spa is completely free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, laureth sulphate, artificial colours, fragrances, PEG, and petroleum derivative such as mineral oil. Every ingredient that we use is safe and it is beneficial and effective.

The Moor Spa skincare line includes masks, cleansers, toners, exfoliants, moisturizers, anti-aging products, serums, eye zone gels and creams. The body care line includes products for body massage, scrubs and wraps as well as our therapeutic signature moor bath for detox, tension balm, joint balm and contour cream. Moor Spa soaps, shower gels, shampoos and conditioners are the safest in the world, and we think it is very important to switch to using these products. 

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