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Moisturising Facial

Soak your skin with natural goodness!



Hydrates Skin / Nourishes Skin / Helps Reduce Signs of Dry Skin

Product Bundle

Cleansing Milk

Pumpkin Peel

Facial Polish

Replenishing Cream

Hydrating Toner


  • Cleanse the skin by mixing a few drops of warm water with the Cleansing Milk. Start at the décolleté and work your way up In flowing movements to the forehead making sure to cleanse thoroughly.
  • Tone the skin evenly by using the Hydrating Toner on two cotton pads and wiping the entire face in flowing movements.
  • Place two warm dampened cotton pads over the eye contours. Apply the Pumpkin Peel in long smooth movements from the base of the chin to the cheeks, nose, around the eyes and forehead. Leave the Pumpkin Peel on for 10-15 minutes
  • Remove the Pumpkin Peel with an infused hot towel ( with an choice of Moor spa’s aromatherapy range)

  • Tone the skin by using the Hydrating Toner cotton pads.

  • Tap the Radiance Serum into the skin until it’s fully absorbed

  • Apply the Cream Mask by using a facial brush starting at the base of the neck up towards the forehead in long stroking movements. Let the mask sit on the skin for 10 minutes.

  • Remove the Cream Mask with the infused hot towel.

  • Tone the skin once more with the Hydrating Toner cotton pads.

  • Apply the Eye Zone Balm to the eye contours and moisturize by applying the Replenishing Cream to your face and neck.

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